Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Looking for a new Floss

I am continuing to work on the Friendship pattern. It was a freebie given out at the last cross-stitch retreat I attended in 2006. Since then I have moved to a tropical island and there are no needle shops. So this free pattern was changed by the ladies who work at the shop. They provided the freebie fully kitted, with enough thread for them to stitch the pattern. Of course I am not as experienced a stitcher as the ladies at the shop and of course, I need more! So I desperately searched my stash and found a couple of colors that were close....After a quick call to the shop (2 time zones away), I found out that it was a Sampler Thread called Blue Spruce. I have it and have started finishing the pattern. We'll see if anyone can pick out the switch when I get the finish picture posted.

1 comment:

  1. If you would like me to send you some Blue Spruce, I can. Just shoot me an e-mail. dwooleybooger@yahoo.com