Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Goals 2009

I have started my next new pattern. I can't tell you what it is called or what it will look like in case someone I am related to is reading this blog. However, it is a mini-block pattern and should go pretty quick. I am compiling my list of goals for stitching for 2009.

1. Finish angel from Leisure Arts Heirloom Nativity leaflet 2345.

2. Finish shepherd #2 from same- only 200 stitches to go!

3. Finish 1 page of Masquerade by My Big Toe.

4. Finish the mini-block pattern.

5. Start and finish another un-named mini-block pattern.

6. Finish wise man #1 from Leisure Arts Heirloom Nativity set leaflet #2344. (My mom started this one for me.)

Masquerade with green and purple overdyes.

The Wise man

The Shepherd. He only needs a head!

I am going to try to figure out how to get my goals posted on the sidebar of the blog. Tomorrow is co-op day for the kids with lots of other running around. But I should get an hour of stitching time while the girls are at gymnastics.


  1. All your pieces are lovely! Good luck with your stitching goals!
    Kelly ILCS

  2. Good luck with your goals, they sound do-able.

  3. Your pieces are great. To get them on the side bar just go to the layout then add gadget then choose list :)

  4. Wow, I think I need to sit down and put my goals to paper, too! Maybe I'd get more accomplished that way. Thank you for sharing - you've given me some encouragment!
    Katie from ILCS

  5. Good luck with your goals. I know that you will get them all done.
    My little girl takes gynmastics too. How long have your girls been in it?

  6. Some nice WIP, and some look very close to a finish, depending on the time you have to stitch of course! Good luck getting your goals done.

  7. Wonderful stitching - some are almost done! Good luck with your goals, too!