Monday, April 13, 2009

An April Finish

I got another finish this weekend. Patriotic block is done. The pattern was on perforated paper, so it made for a pretty quick stitch. The finishing was pretty quick too. I nailed the paper to a blue block that was included in the kit.


I really need to start finishing my own work. It would save me a ton of money on postage!

Since I have finished this pattern and probably won't stitch it, I am going to give it away. If you are interested in receiving this pattern, leave me a comment with a contact e-mail address. I will randomly select a recipient on April 15. Yay- tax day.....:(


  1. Hi,
    I would love a chance at this pattern. I am also a Proud Military Wife. My hubby is Army and currently serving in Afghanistan. i do many patriotic patterns but have never seen this one.

    Kim P in MO

  2. Congrats with the cute finish. I'm not after the chart, please do not include me in the drawing (not living in the USA ) but just want to comment on your nice finish :)

  3. Very nice finish. Not something I would stitch so don't include me in your drawing, I know someone will love to get it

  4. Very cute, Jess! An an easy way to finish. :) Please include me in your drawing.

  5. That is cute, never would have thought of doing that. Great idea. add me too the pool for this pattern.

  6. This is a such a cute pattern - congratulations on finishing it - I would like to be in the drawing - thanks for doing this

    Jan Koenig (mailjunkie)

  7. This is really neat patriotic piece - congratulations on the finish - please include me in the drawing - thanks for doing this

  8. What a great finish!

  9. Jess
    I Would Love To Have This Pattern/Chart
    Where Would I Find The Preforated Paper You Stitched This On ? It Looks Great !!And Please Tell Your Hubby Thank You For Everything They Do.Soldiers Don't Get Enough Thank You's These Days.
    Dottie In Va ( )

  10. That is a cool way to finish it!! Congrats, it's really cute!