Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Starting the Angel Of Spring

Well, my water proof marker pen arrived and I decided to get started on my Lavender & Lace pattern, the Angel of Spring. I don't remember when I got this pattern. I liked the angels so much, I got all four of them. Then it was mentioned that I should purchase the material for all at the same time, so they all look the same. Good idea, I thought.

The Angel of Spring is 270 x 230 stitches. It is supposed to be on 32 count over 2, which makes the finished project 16.8 inches wide by 14.4 inches tall. I didn't want a piece that big, so I decided to get a different thread count. Beyond that, I didn't pay much attention to it.

So I got the Twilight Blue fabric by Wichelt. This weekend, I decided it is time to grid the angel to get going on it. On Sunday after church, the kids were playing outside with friends, and Hubby was on the phone talking to the cell phone company about getting a new phone. I have my fabric calculator out, and am trying to figure out where to start gridding. "Let's see, it's 26 count fabric, with a stitch count of 270,,,,,", I am mumbling to myself as Hubby is on the phone. To make a long story even longer, apparently I bought 26 count, but the piece of fabric is only big enough to stitch over one!!!!!!

I am talking to my mom, and we are trying to figure out sizes, and I realize that I have to stitch the pattern over 1 to make it fit. "Well," my mom says, "I would just get a new piece of fabric and stitch over 2." But then the piece is huge! So alright, everyone,. here I go....I am going to stitch this pattern over 1. Yes, I am insane, I guess.

If you haven't checked out my homeschooling blog, then you probably don't know about our bird, Melemele. (It means yellow in Hawaiian.) He is a pretty shy bird, and it has taken him quite a while to warm up to us. But yesterday he came out of his cage and was walking around under our piano bench. He found a nice perch on our television cable.

On a personal note, I had to take both the girls in to see the doctor today. My younger one, BearLover, has pink eye. The older one, Miss TwinkleToes, got her ears pierced last month and one got infected. Turns out a piece of hair got twisted around the post and ended up getting infected. So now we have to take the earring out and get her on antibiotics. And she was only 2 weeks away from being able to take them out! I am going to put the earring in the hole a few times a day for the next few days to try to keep the hole open. Dr said that once it looks like the infection is going down, we can put the earring back in. Hopefully it doesn't close!


  1. Over-one??? Yes, indeed! You *are* insane, LOL. I'm with your Mom, I'd just buy a new fabric and use the blue one for something else.

  2. Well you are ambitious, stitching over one. Sorry to hear about the girls, hope they heal quickly.

  3. You can do it over one! Of course, I assume that means the rest will be over one, too? It will be stunning, however. Hope your girls are better and love your little birdie!

  4. Wow, best of luck on stitching over one on 32 count. Can't wait to see the start of this project!

  5. You can do it over one! I'm not sure about 26 count, but I do all my HAEDs on 25 count over 1. I actually enjoy it!!! Don't worry about it too much!