Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Update

Here is my end-of-the-week summary for April 26, 2009. (Happy Birthday, Hubby! I love you!)

I worked on my nativity shepherd. I completed some back stitching along his hand and his sleeves. He needs more work on his face and hat. Down to 2 more goals for the year, so I really want to push this one through.

Here is my patriotic flag pillow. It is coming along nicely. The background has the word America across it, in a color very close to the fabric. It is almost too hard to see. Plus, the pillow is pre-sewn, so I have to stitch the pattern on the pillow fabric with my left hand on the outside and my right hand on the inside of the pillow. I will not be choosing another pre-sewn pillow! I dislike having to hold the fabric that way.

Here is another WIP- a thankful heart. It doesn't have a lot of colors, and is stitching pretty quickly. I am thinking about finishing this as a hanging piece, with a ribbon. Since I haven't really finished anything, it will be a learning experience for me.

I started a new pattern on Saturday morning, while watching movies with BearLover (our yougest DD) and waiting for Hubby to get home with Miss TwinkleToes (our oldest DD). Here is what it looked like in the morning.

Here is what it looked like by the time I left to go pick up dinner from our local Thai restaurant for Hubby, Uncle Jonathan, our two DDs and me. Yummy pad thai noodles!

I also organized my kitted projects again. Between the patterns I have that are kitted and some that my mom has kitted but given to me to sew, I have 16 different projects to choose from! So now I have no reason to get bored!


  1. Great progress on your WiP's. I love the one with the saying about children a lot. What is the pattern called?

  2. All of them look great. I would hate to hold the material like that too!

  3. Everything is looking great Jess, nice progress.

  4. All of you WIPs are looking great.