Friday, June 19, 2009

June 19th Summary

I have had a lot of stitching time here at the hospital. Both my parents slept most of the day yesterday, so I had a lot of quiet time to be able to stitch and stitch. Here is my progress since getting here on Saturday.

This is the Eagle Sampler. I finished the eagle last night and started on the flag.

This is the Easter block that I am stitching for Mom. The fabric has some pretty bad folds in it. I hope they come out!

This is my newest start, Home of Needleworker (too), by Little House Needleworks. I saw this one on several blogs and just had to get it. I have changed some of colors. I am using ST oatmeal, cherry wine, pumpkin patch, cocoa, sable and evergreen. They are close to the colors in the original patern picture, and I didn't have the ones it called for.

This is my progress on the soldier memorial. I am about to run out of blue again! What a dork I am sometimes.

An update on the family front: My Dad had his surgery on Wednesday morning. He was pretty out of it the rest of the day and we were having issues with controlling his pain that day. Thursday he was doing better. Now Friday he has been up a couple of times walking today. He is still having some pain and tenderness. Fortunately my brother will be spending the night here at the hospital tonight, so I won't have to be up every 2 hours.

Thanks for your prayers and concern.

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  1. So glad that you are still posting and stitching!
    hang in there. And I hope your Dad does well.

  2. Great work. Love that Eagle
    Hope your dad will feel better soon.