Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Sunday

Well, here we are at last. The end of the week. I did not get a whole lot of stitching done. It was so hot this week, and I wasn't feeling well. We actually had to break down and turn on the air conditioner. We got home from church on Wednesday night and it was 89 in the house!!!!

So I did get a little stitching done. First up is the current American Soldier Memorial piece. Unfortunately, I have almost run out of blue! I tried to get an order places with, but for some reason my computer was having issues, so almost half the threads I needed didn't show up on the final order. I decided to cancel that order, but did not get around to re-ordering this week. I will have to do that, since I need the fabric for my surprise gift also!

I have been working mostly on the Joy to the World pattern. It is on Aida, so I don't have to work hard to figure out the stitches. But, Arrrrrgh! Now it looks like I don't have enough Amber to finish the "W"! Why can't I figure out how much thread I need for a project???

Finally, I decided to start another new project. This is the Henzeit Easter block pattern. It has been sitting in my stash for I don't know how long. It is actually one I was supposed to stitch for my mom, although she has probably forgotten about it by now. I didn't get very far on it.

I am having a problem with pattern overload- LOL. I have kitted up several other patterns, and now I am having trouble deciding which one I should work on. Of course, if I were thinking ahead, I would be working on the surprise and the Christmas gifts instead of a bunch of patterns for myself. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. I will get back on my rotation schedule.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the thread troubles. Hopefully you'll get to order them soon. Your WIPs look great and very excited to see your memorial piece. I think your mom will be pleasantly surprised when you've finished even if it's been a while. Good luck on your new project whichever you choose !

  2. Sorry to hear about running out of floss. It is such a pain especially when you then have to order it. The Easter pattern looks like fun.

  3. Sounds like you need to double whatever floss you think you need :)

  4. Your WI{s look great.
    Isn't it just so frustrating when you can see you are almost finished and run out of floss? I hope you are able to get the missing floss soon.

  5. The WIP's look great but I was thinking there would be a update on the "Wiseman" ;o)

  6. Your Wip's are all looking great. and I agree with Kathy. It is simply frustrating to run out of floss.