Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finish 18

On May 27, I completed this pattern while at the hospital with my parents.  I had to make an emergency trip on Monday, but fortunately, this seems to have been a false alarm for my dad.

My mom started this pattern sometime, we don't know when.  So I completed stitching it and she will add the buttons.  It has 3 star buttons over the tree and the house- yellow, blue and red.  
Sweet Cabin, by Glory Bee,
don't know what fabric it is, 
using WDW Beige, Garnet, Mocha, Onyx, Pecan, 
and ST Cidermill Brown, and Pine
Completed May 27, 2010

(c) 2010 There A Stitch

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  1. What a cool thing.... to have a piece stitched by you and your mother.