Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finish #15: Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays, from the Holiday Snappers series by Bent Creek, 

started April 4, 2011, completed April 14, 2011

stitched on linen, using CC Spinach, and Whiskey, 
Apple Fritter, and Noel (don't know the makers).

The colors were changed from the original pattern by the ladies at my mom's LNS.  

I have also been stitching on All in a Heart, 
the pattern my mom sent for Valentines' Day. 

This is how far I have gotten on it.

Haven't gotten too much stitching done this week.  We were doing standardized testing this week with our base homeschool group.  


  1. I just found your blog, and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Julie and I found you through Nancy M. I like your Happy Holidays finish. The colors are wonderful. Can't wait to see your progress on other things!

  2. Love your Happy Holidays finish, and your 'All in a Heart' looks to be coming along really well.

    Happy stitching to you