Monday, December 24, 2012

Shepherd's Retreat 2012

At the end of September, Mom took me to the Shepherd's Bush retreat in Park City, Utah.  WooHooo!  What an excellent retreat this was.  The weather was perfect.  Park City is up in the mountains, the trees were just starting to turn.  The air was crisp. I so miss the mountains!!!

 The view from our hotel
Some of Mom's stitchy friends from Albuquerque met us there.


I got to meet the designers from Shepherd's Bush, Terri and Tina.  They are so fun and friendly!

Ogden has a bunch of painted horses around town.  I managed to find the Air Force one!

It was fun to get projects from Charland's Designs and Plum Street Samplers.  There were so many things to choose from!  It was hard not to buy everything!

One of the group projects we got over the weekend makes into a bag.  This is the example.  

Mine is coming along-  the goal is to finish it next year along with one of the class projects we received.

Dessert from the banquet on our last night at the retreat

I can't wait until the next one!  Hint, Hint, Mom!

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