Thursday, April 16, 2009

More New Patterns

Shhhh! Don't tell Hubby, but I have been ordering cross stitch patterns. All sorts of patterns! Of course I _had_ to get the patriotic pieces for the american soldier memorial project. But then, I found all sorts of pretty patterns that I want. My mom would claim victory, that's for sure! She finally got me buying lots of patterns. As she always says, "The one who dies with the most stash wins!" Not exactly...but it is still fun to collect'em.

Here are the new ones that came in the mail today.

Quaker Seasons by My Big Toe Designs, A Grateful Nation by Cheryl A Granda, and Americana Welcome by Poppy Kreations.

And I got another box in the mail, the finishes of my completed goals. A friend in Las Vegas did the finishing for me, and they turned out great! I can't post all of them just yet, but soon....

Here is Friendship Knows No Season. It is finished as a flat-fold. It looks great!

The last one I can post a picture of is a patriotic heart. It is actually a piece my mom finished. I have had it for a long time because I was going to practice framing with it. Instead I asked my friend to finish it for me. I think it looks great!


  1. great new stash, and your flatfold turned out great, lovely finishing on the patriotic heart

  2. Nice patterns, and that heart us cute heart and bow all in one. Great

  3. Great job stitching! If my DH knew half of what I had, he'd probably faint! (Actually, probably not!)

  4. love the new patterns.. and I wish I had someone to finish my pieces for me!! I would probably get a lot more done b/c I wouldn't have to dread figuring out how to finish it :-)


  5. Nice stash, I've had my eye on the Glendan Place one too! Some very cute finished as well.