Monday, July 13, 2009

Updating My Goals

I have been back home for 10 days. I haven't stitched a thing. Not a thing! Nothing! Part of it is that I am feeling tired still, and I figure I would probably just make mistakes. The other part is that I didn't get to do any school planning for my two DD's in June. So the last few days, I have been planning and organizing our school stuff. In two more days we leave for our original trip home. So now I am in full packing mode.

However, today I did look over my current WIPs. I think I am going to be adjusting my 2009 goals as well.

2009 Goals- Modifidied May 2009

* 1. FINISHED! Leisure Arts Heirloom Nativity Angel
* 2. FINISHED! Leisure Arts Heirloom Nativity Shepherd #2
* 3. FINISHED! 1 page of Masquerade
* 4. FINISHED! Surprise miniblock #1
* 5. FINISHED! Surprise Miniblock #2
* 6. Leisure Arts Heirloom Nativity Wise Man#1
* 7. American Soldier Memorial
* 8. Eagle Sampler
* 9. Christmas present #1
* 10. Christmas present #2
* 11. Gift #1
* 12. Christmas present #3
* 13. L&L Angel of Spring 1 page

The surprise gift isn't going to happen now. I am disappointed about that one too. I am only planning on two Christmas gifts now. Plus I am reconsidering the L&L Angel of Spring. I am balking at stitching it over 1. I think I will need to get some new fabric for the whole set, and use my other fabric for something different. That will change my goals for the rest of the year.

I have reduced my WIP rotation to include four other projects besides my current unfinished goals.

1. Home of A Needleworker

2. Star Sampler, by Blackbird Designs using Cranberry Bog material by R & R Reproductions and ST Banker's Grey floss

3. Home Sweet Home on the Welcome Friends by Karen Hyslop, The Cross-Eyed Cricket, on 32- count Belfast linen in driftwood, and DMC floss 221 and 413.

4. Uncle SnowSam, by The Stitchworks. Sorry don't know the fabric count, using DMC blanc, 311, 321, 433, and 783.


  1. One of the signs of a true homeschooler. Your very organized,lol. I am the exception to the rule :0) I do like how you have everything planned out. I don't know if I would be able to stick to it. I would see charts that would get in the way. Your WIP is lovley and I love your snowman.

  2. Good luck with your revised goals. I hope you have a safe trip home. Your WIPs look good.

  3. Good luck with your new goals. I am sure that you can reach them!

  4. This looks adorable - can't wait to see the finish project