Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Update July 5

I am still trying to get used to a 4 hour time difference. I got back to the island on Thursday afternoon. My dad was released from the hospital on Friday afternoon. Fortunately my brother and his wife were able to come out this weekend to help my parents get settled into a routine.

Since I am still suffering from jetlag, I don't have a stitching update for today. I played around with Microsoft Power Point to edit the pictures on my slide show. The Finishes for 2009 slide show has been updated with finishes I completed while at the hospital. I have a new start also. I will post a picture of it tomorrow hopefully.


  1. Happy to hear your dad is doing better. Congrats on your 16 finishes for the year. Love the love one!

  2. Glad that your dad is doing better. Looking forward to pictures. :)