Sunday, September 27, 2009

UFO Completed

So, after a long week of stitching (and school with the kiddos), I decided not to stitch on Saturday night. Instead I inventoried my stash! Woo Hoo- sounds like fun you say? Well, I am kind of twisted like that- I love organizing and making lists and getting rid of stuff, and all that.

Well, during my inventorying (and watching Star Wars: Attack of the Clones with Hubby), I discovered that I had 2 duplications on patterns. I also marked the patterns for which I have fabric and floss. Plus I put aside the ones I want to have for my goals for next year. And I found a few UFOs.

This is called "Creepy" by SamSarah Design Studio. It is a free pattern that I received at a cross stitch retreat I went to in 2005, I believe. The ladies at the shop changed up the threads called for in the pattern. It is also supposed to have a cat button on the top of the pumpkin, and a face stitched into the pumpkin with the word creepy across the bottom.

I actually started stitching this at the retreat. Then it got put aside. I didn't want to add the word to it, and I didn't like the pumpkin face, and it got buried in my stash when we moved in 2007, not to be rediscovered until last night.

Here is the design finished with my alterations.

Creepy, by SamSarah Design Studio
stitched on 32 count natural linen
Sampler Threads Ultraviolet, Fragrant Cloves, Pine and
Kreinik Star Yellow #4 braid.

I didn't like the kitty on top of the pumpkin because then you can't see the shimmery thread of the moon, so I put it off to the side.

I actually finished the America Pattern in 2005. I needed one more charm to have a complete set. I finally decided that I would take off the charms that I didn't really like and just leave the 3 remaining.

America Mini-block, by Hinzeit
Sorry I don't have any idea what fabric or floss I used!

(c) 2009 There A Stitch


  1. Beautiful finishes, I love the sparkly moon and the cute little cat button too :-)

  2. Great finishes.

    Want to come organize my charts? I sure could use some help with all them.

  3. Congrats on finishing a UFO, it looks cute

  4. Congrats on the finishes! We are too alike. I am notorious for going through spurts where all I do is tear sections of the house apartment, reorganize everything, inventory stuff, and get rid of stuff not needed. I call it my OCD, even though I've never been diagnosed, lol!

  5. Awesome finishes! I especially like the Sam Sarah pumpkin! Really cute!

    I so love playing with stash. I could spend hours and hours sorting and organizing it!

  6. Nice finds in your UFO pile to complete! You are way too organized for me if you already have your list of things to stitch for next year! BTW, I started a blog on Blogger!