Friday, January 1, 2010

Goals for 2010

Here we are at the start of a new year.  This is going to be a pretty busy year for my family.  Hubby has a new job lined up.  We will be moving from Maui to Northern Virginia this summer.  It will take 6-8 weeks for our household goods to ship.  So we are going to have a busy summer.

In the meantime, I am deciding what my stitching goals are for 2010.  I am thinking about being a stash-only stitcher this year.  (Of course I have access to my own personal stitch shop through my mom's stash!)  So yesterday I made a couple of quick orders to accumulate some fabric, and also some silk floss.  I think I will also try to work through my freebie patterns.

Finally, I have been toying around with designing my own patterns.  I would like to try to design one a month- I know, in between my stitching and reading and homeschooling and moving and whatever else is going to be keeping me busy this year, I am sure I will find some time!

So here are my specific stitchy goals for 2010:

  • 1. Nativity Shepherd 3
  • 2. Nativity Camel
  • 3. Eagle Sampler
  • 4. Cedar Hill- Faith Hope Love
  • 5. LK Family
  • 6. America- Home of the Brave
  • 7. Masquerage- 1 page
  • 8. Eloquent Christmas
  • 9. Angel of Spring- 1 page
  • 10. LK Land That I Love
  • 11.Surprise #1
  • 12. LK Time for God #141
I think that's enough to keep me busy this year!

(c) 2010 There A Stitch

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  1. Hi Jess, I love all your stitching. I especially like your Leisure Arts Nativity set! Can't wait to see them all finished and together!
    Saw your message on ILCS, would love to get Winter and Autumn Angels (L&L) when you're finished with them! If I have a pattern or 2 that you would like, could we do a trade? Please check my "Finishes 2009" album on Multiply to see what I've done -, and a more recent finish on my blogspot -
    Hope the New Year brings lots of stitching time for you, and lots of time with your loved ones