Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Update

Here is my stitching update for January 9, 2010.

First off, America- Home of the Brave.  I stitched this on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.  This pattern is coming along pretty quickly- there isn't much to it.  I will probably get it finished in the next week.

Next, I spent Tuesday working on a UFO, the Bent Creek America pillow.  This pattern is driving me nuts!  I really dislike stitching on a pre-made pillow case. I will not be buying anymore patterns like this- again!!  But, I have decided that I will complete this one rather than try to give it away.  I figure a couple more Tuesdays and it will be done.

Friday is usually my day to stitch while the kids are at lessons.  I was planning to start one of my goals for 2010, Land that I Love by Lizzie Kate.  However, I forgot to put a needle in the kit!  Ooops.  So this one got started on Friday night while the kiddos were out playing with their friends, and Hubby was playing Speed Racer on the Wii.

Next up, I will have to start one of the nativity pieces.  I am trying to decide between a shepherd and a camel.  I also have to determine if the piece of fabric I have is big enough for 3 pieces or only 2.  My goal is start one of them next week.

Happy Stitching!

(c) 2010 There A Stitch


  1. All projects are looking lovely. :)

  2. I *see* a pattern in your stitching......RWB, USA??

  3. Looks great. I cannot wait to see more of them