Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Update

Here it is, Sunday already!  It has been a busy week.  I got one pattern finished earlier in the week posted here.

The only other stitching I worked on was June from the LizzieKate: A Year with Charm series.

Guess the big news?  We bought a house!  Now we have a forwarding address.  We have about 5 weeks before we are off the island for good.  Last night I got together my traveling stitching stash to have enough projects to keep me busy before our household goods arrive in Virginia in September.

Here is my Vera Bradley travel bag.

Opened up, you can see my supply zipper bags on top of individual project bags.  

Scissors in one, highlighters and pencils in one, boo-boo stick and stitch slicer in one, and needles, thread heaven, floss rings, and tape measure in the butterfly zipper.

This is the zipper bag carrying the Year with Charm series.  It has all the fabric, all the patterns and working copies, plus a pair of scissors, a highlighter and a snippet trash bag.  I will have to gather floss for the remaining months.

Next we have Snowed In, by Stone & Thread (which needs fabric and floss), Mill Hill Festival of Trees Snowflake Tree charmed ornament (complete kit), and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday Snapper by Bent Creek (one I stole from my mom this past trip to complete for her- it has fabric and has been started, I need to gather floss.)

Here we have Miniblock Daughter by Hinzeit (completely kitted), the LizzieKate: A Year with Charms fabrics and patterns (now moved to the previous zipper bag), and Wee One: little angel in the clouds by Heart in Hand (another one I stole from my mom- it has fabric but needs floss- I may keep this one when it is done!)

Finally, we have Land That I Love by Shepherd's Bush (completely kitted and promised to my mom!), "All Dolled Up!" Red House in Winter by Little House Needleworks (floss and fabric for 2 projects since Mom let me have this pattern on the condition that I stitch one for her as well), and the memorial ribbon pattern that I have yet to complete.  
I hope this is enough to keep me busy while we are packing, traveling, getting into the new house, and waiting for our household goods to float across the Pacific Ocean!

(c) 2010 There A Stitch


  1. Congratulations on the new home!
    Your stitching is always wonderful.
    Looks like you have a lot ready to do... although, if you will be stitching like you have been lately.... I do not think you will have enough to do. LOL

    Let me know about the blanket. Price is the same even to Virgina as it is a flat fee priority box.

  2. Congratulations on your new home! You seem to have packed plenty of stitching to keep you busy until the rest of your belongings arrive there...

    Hope the move goes smoothly...

  3. Congrats on your new house!

  4. Congrats on getting a house. Your things won't arrive until September?? Do they use horse and buggy to get them off the island?? LOL