Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finish 18 on November 5, 2011 (Happy Birthday Mom!)

One of the hints I got from a teacher at our retreat last weekend was to keep multiple needles threaded, so when you finish with one you can quickly move on to the next.  What a smart idea!  And also to outline more, so you don't have to keep counting every line.  No wonder she has stitched more than 200 projects so far this year!

Anyway, I have finally finished this Christmas ornament that has been a WIP all year.

Snowman with Cat, by Janlynn Corporation, 

stitched on 14-ct plastic canvas, using DMC colors 
blanc, 726, 947, 402, 605, 321, 209, 704, 3747, 799, 824, 310.  
Finished November 5, 2011 (Happy Birthday, Mom!)


  1. LOVE it!! I'm gonna have to try threading more needles, apparently! Maybe I can more done too! 200 projects?!?!? That's insane! Does she ever sleep? lol