Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Company, Halt!

There I was, zooming along on Home of a Needleworker. I was really close to being finished. Only the nose on the black bird, the scissors, and the ribbon border on the bottom. I was stitching, stitching, less than 100 stitches to go!

Frogs came a'courtin'....

Oooops! Can you see it?

Typically, I am a


non-perfectionist stitcher, but even I can't ignore that boo-boo. The last loop on the ribbon is not the right size.

Guess I will be frogging it out!

New Start

I started another pattern. This one is Blessings Be Thine, by Blackbird Designs.

(c) 2009 There A Stitch

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  1. Guess you can start another since you are so close to finishing one....sorry about the frogging.