Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finish 4 and a new start

This week I finished a Christmas ornament for myself.  This was a freebie by LizzieKate.
Joy, by LizzieKate, stitched on somethin....
using ST Blue Spruce, Cranberry and Gold Leaf, and WDW Beige.
Finished Jan 22, 2012 

 Then I started Gentle Heart, by Heart In Hand (a complete kit).

Stitched on 32-ct Summer Khaki Belfast Linen, 
using WDW Lancaster Red, and Swanp Water, 
and ST Antique Rose, Maple Syrup, and Straw Bonnet.


  1. I like the sparklie fabric you used for "joy" and great start on the heart. Very pretty, they are.

  2. Cute finish. I like the fabric too.