Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21 2013 Update

This was a long week.  Oldest DD got sick (yucky kind of sick!) in the middle of the night on Wednesday, after Hubby and I had been sick most of the day.  Hubby and I had a fever, aches and pains, all the good news of the flu.  Youngest DD got sick- just a fever- on Friday night, she actually fell asleep on the floor, something that hasn't happened in a long time!

I didn't even feel up to stitching on Thursday or Friday, instead, spent most of the time just watching movies.

But before everyone got sick, I did get some stitching done.

Finished 1-14-2013
Monthly Mania May, by Heart in Hand

Stitched on 32-count linen, using 
DMC 798, 813, 221, 554, 413, 743, 841, and  500

By Sunday, I was feeling better.  Youngest DD was still lying on the couch and running a fever.  At least I go her to eat a little bit on Sunday.

Finished 1-20-13
A Banner Year Boxer Series, Summer, by LizzieKate

Stitched on something, using WDW 
Autumn Leavves,  Beige, Blue Topaz, Carrot,  and Romance, 
and ST Buttermilk, Morning Glory, Cameo Pink, Hyacinth, and Shutter Green, 
and Crescent Colors Erin Go Emerald

Finished while watching the NFL playoffs Sunday:
Monthly Markings February, by Heart in Hand

Stitched on linen, using Mulberry, Molasses, Hazelnut, Chablis and DMC 609

I also did some stitching on the camel for the Navtivity set.

 Plus this start
and this start
and this start
And DD has made this much progress:

Kind of jumping around a lot!  But at least I am getting some kitted stuff finished finally!

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  1. You've got quite a bit on the go! It all looks fun. I had a throw up flu for a couple days and my daughter who doesn't live here got it a few days later....but much worse! There's a lot going around out there!