Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Been A While...

It is hard to believe it has been more than 2 months since I updated this blog.  Things have been so busy with trying to move and get settled,  I really haven't done any stitching in those two months either!  Our move was less than stellar.  Out of the 4 military moves I have made with Hubby, this one was probably the least enjoyable.

We found out at the airport that we couldn't take our cockatiel with us on the airplane.  Because of endemic illness on the Hawaiian islands, cockatiels have to travel as air cargo.  We didn't have an appropriate carrier, and I was concerned he wouldn't survive the trip since we had 2 layovers.  So I had to call my friend and have her come get the bird from us at the airport,  and had to tell the kids that we had to leave their pet.  Yeah- that was a lot of fun.

The trip was uneventful.  We were all very tired.  We then tried to find a house in Virginia.  We looked at every available house in our price range in three suburbs of DC and didn't find anything.  We must have seen close to 30 houses!  We couldn't get a house that wouldn't have required another 15K in fix-ups to make us able to sell the house when it was time for us to leave.  We eventually decided to go with on-base housing.  We were able to get a house within 2 weeks of arriving, but our furniture didn't arrive for another 3 weeks.

Then we got swamped with 3 deliveries of our household goods in under a week!  We are still working our way through boxes.  Plus in the middle of that, I flew the kids home to see my dad, since things were getting more critical with his health.  The only stitching I have done since July 11 was a few patterns I worked on while traveling to my parents.

In late August, I started LK Thank Heaven for Little Boys.  My mom wanted to stitch this for my sister-in-law, but with my dad's illness, she decided it would be better for me to stitch it,   Here is the start.
I finished this pattern on September 21, in my dad's hospital room.

LK Thank Heaven for Little Boys, stitched on 28-ct blue linen, using ST Chalk, and WDW Americana, Louisiana Hot Sauce, and Saffron

Another piece I started at my parents' house ( I stole it from my mom) was Pumpkin Harvest, by the Trilogy.

I don't remember which day I finished this last week.

Pumpkin Harvest, by the Trilogy, stitched on 32-count natural Belfast linen, using ST Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate, Dried Thyme, Maple Syrup, and Nutmeg, and WDW Hazelnut, and Juniper. 
Some other WIPs:

I don't think I am  going to get my goals finished this year.  Our family life has been in upheaval for the last 3 months, and that has put a serious dent in my stitching finishes.  
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  1. I sure hope your life returns to normal very quickly, sounds like you have been burning the candle at both ends. I'm betting you'll be back into the stitch of things and finishing off many more. Love the Pumpkin Harvest.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. So sorry about the family pet and your dad.
    I pray that when his time comes it will be peaceful and that your family will find peace, comfort and love. (((HUGS)))

    What a crazy move... I remember moves like that. UGH!

    Your stitching is beautiful as always.

  3. What a crazy, mixed-up time for you! I'm glad you've been able to stitch. I know that would de-stress me, being able to stitch. I love your Trilogy Pumpkins ~ precious!

  4. Sorry about leaving the pet behind and the crappy move. Neither of those would be fun to deal with. Hope all is settling down for you now. Sounds like you need to stitch more and relief some stress!!

  5. Pumpkin Harvest looks great. Like the Little boy one.

    Hope all calms down for you soon

  6. praying for you. sounds like you've had some pretty big life events happening these last months. hope you find some good fellowship in your new hometown.