Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Finish of 2012

Here is a pattern I started on January 8th.  It is a Christmas ornament stocking by Artecy. 

 I added Youngest Daughter's name across the stocking and the year at the top.  

Stitched on a scrap of Christmas fabric, don't have any idea what it is, 
but it does have a sparkle woven into it
using DMC 326, 435, 742, and 986
Started January 9, 2012, completed January 14, 2012 
while the Denver Broncos were getting creamed by the Patriots :(

Only 8 more stockings for Youngest Daughter, and 11 to stitch for Oldest! 

Here is my sad and lonely seasonal shelf.  
I only have the one January decoration.  What is a good decoration idea for January?  
I will have to do a birthday pattern, since we have a January birthday, 
but I'm afraid it won't get out for January of this year!

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