Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Project of 2012

Here is my latest project.  It is Spring, from the LizzieKate A Banner Year collection.  I started it on December 29, 2011, and stitched it on the drive to Pennsylvania, for our winter family vacation.

   Here it is at the end of 2011.
This is how far I have gotten on it in January.  
I am trying to keep the needles pre-threaded, and it is making my stitching go faster.  

For Christmas, Mom got me a cute pattern from Olde Colonial Designs.  
I will probably stitch that one up pretty soon.  

I have also decided to stitch an ornament for each of my girls every year.  I have selected the patterns I will be doing for each of them, and will get started with them soon, so they can be finished before this Christmas. 


  1. Cute design. Won't take too long now anymore before it's finished. I love the idea of stitching your girls each a yearly ornament.

  2. it is coming along very quickly. i love Lizzie Kate designs too

  3. What a lovely stitch . What a lovely idea.... It'll soon be finished. happy stitching to you